On October 24 representatives of Sheffield University International Faculty City College met BISA students and presented the educational programs offered by the University of Sheffield in the UK and Greece. University presentation was done by Mr Gregory Dikaios, International Students Director, accompanied by Lilit Shahzadeyan, University of Sheffield International Faculty City College Country Manager for Armenia and Georgia. The topic of the presentation was “Personality and Career” which involved a part of the discussion with BISA students about the role of education in shaping personality. The discussion was followed by the presentation of the University of Sheffield as an agent of changing personal life and career prospects.

The University of Sheffield is in a list of “Top 100 University Worldwide” as well as a member of the Russel Group. So BISA students used their unique chance to obtain as much information as possible about offered educational programs, job opportunities and, in general, student life in the UK and Greece.