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Learning knows no limits for the truly curious. Much like the old joke about the patient living despite the doctors’ efforts, a mind thirsty for knowledge thrives despite the constraints of traditional education systems.

As an independent school, BISA is not affiliated with any religious, governmental, non-governmental, private or public institution or donations. With that we’re not claiming superiority or downplaying others’ efforts. Instead, our focus is on blending internationally acclaimed curricula and innovative teaching methods with Armenia’s finest educational traditions. We’re collaborating with select educators and researchers to bring this vision to life, transcending the conventional boundaries of public and private schooling in pursuit of educational excellence for the sake of it.

Read on about our Pearson KS3, iGSCE and A-level programs along with Armenian High School and combined programs.

Afterschool for Middle Schoolers (KS3, iGCSE)


Middle School serves as a critical bridge between childhood and adolescence, a period when learning evolves into a more deliberate and self-aware process. It’s a stage rich with opportunities for students to explore a variety of skills, hobbies, and interests, laying the groundwork for personal development. This exploration is essential, as it widens students’ perspectives, allowing them to navigate the world with an informed view and pinpoint their genuine passions.

At BISA, Middle School students engage in English, Math, and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) courses all taught in English from 3-6 PM, 3-5 times a week. Students in grades 5-7 follow the KS3 curriculum (read more), while grades 8-9 embark on iGCSE studies (read more), offering a comprehensive foundation for future academic endeavors.

International A-levels


Pearson Edexcel International A-levels (read more here) are globally recognized qualifications that pave the way to leading universities worldwide.

As learners enter this pivotal stage of life, the foundations laid in earlier years are expanded upon and directed towards future aspirations. It’s a time for deepening knowledge in core subjects while also exploring specialized areas of interest, encouraging students to think critically, develop independence, and prepare for the complexities of the adult world. BISA High school aims not just to impart academic knowledge but to cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to contribute to society and pursue lifelong learning.

Our A-level Departments are: Business & Economics, IT and Mathematics/Physics all taught in English 4-5 days a week, 3 – 6:15 PM. Learn more about our programs and academic and extracurricular successes of our A-level students on our Open Doors.

Armenian High School Diploma


In 2023 BISA received high school accreditation from the Ministry of Education, now providing fully fledged Armenian High School program to our local students.

This has been an incredible opportunity as it enabled our team to dive deep into national curriculum and books, understand where there need to be improvements and use the international methodology and instructional approaches to enhance the program.

With our Pearson and Armenian teams often intersecting, our students have the opportunity to study in a fully fledged Armenian high school with international imprint on how its delivered.

A-levels & Armenian diploma in one school


BISA’s strongest program currently is its combined degrees program with A-levels and Armenian diploma available at once within one school. The best of the two worlds collide here, while saving students the time of commuting between schools and ensuring efficient learning in an encouraging environment.

This program is particularly interesting for those who plan to further their education in international universities locally or globally, as it enables an Armenian school GPA and international A-levels qualifications for competitive edge.

To learn whether you are eligible for the Combined High school Program attend one of our Open Doors Events.